TMJ Treatment in Utica, MI

TMJ Treatment In Clinton Township, MI

It may be hard to imagine that a problem in your jaw could actually be the root cause of pain in almost any other part of your body, but it’s true. Severe headaches, jaw, neck, back, and shoulder pain, and a wide variety of other symptoms have been associated with Temporo-Mandibular Joint (Jaw Joint) Disorder, many of which can improve with the right type of treatment therapy for the jaw joint. Having completed extensive research and continuing studies regarding the TMJ, Dr. Simony can likely help you find relief from these bothersome symptoms.

The TMJ is the joint on each side of your jaw that allows your jaw to move. It is composed of cartilage, muscles, ligaments, and bone, and is used constantly while eating, talking, clenching/grinding, and swallowing. If you experience otherwise unexplained head, neck, facial, ear pain, or other TMJ symptoms, it is oftentimes because this joint has become unbalanced or inflamed.

Our TMJ treatment involves a several step process. Diagnostic information will be gathered using ultra-modern equipment such as our Galileos 3D imaging, Tek Scan and Bio Pak systems. These highly sensitive units measure the joint’s breakdown, movements, noises, and muscle activity, and analyze the bite. Upon analyses of the data, we will recommend a treatment plan aimed to eliminate the joint and muscle problems that have been causing you pain.

TMJ treatment may involve:

  • Soft or hard mouth splints (bite guard) therapy
  • Massage or physical therapy
  • Orthodontics
  • Biocompatible dental restorations

Many suffer from TMJ dysfunction and its associated pain. However, many sufferers also go untreated, usually because they haven’t found the right doctor to correctly diagnose the root cause of their symptoms.