Root Canals

Root Canals in Clinton Township, MI

If you are in need of a root canal, there’s no need to panic! Not too many years ago, your only choice would have been to have the entire tooth extracted. But with modern root-canal technology, Dr. Simony can save your tooth and end your pain. Dr. Simony and his entire staff know that a root canal can be an uncomfortable situation. They take great strides to ensure that you are treated with care. They make sure you understand everything about the procedure and that it is performed with almost no discomfort at all. Set up an appointment with us today for an examination.

What Caused A Root Canal To Be Needed?

Possibly due to decay from large cavities, old broken fillings or fractured teeth, bacteria has found its way down into the inner-most area of your molar, called the pulp, and has started infecting the tooth. This is causing decay of the nerve, tissue and blood vessels in your tooth’s canals. The result is usually pain, sometimes intense, sensitivity to heat and cold. It can even infect your jawbone.

How Do We Fix This?

Dr. Simony can perform a root canal to remove these symptoms. First, he’ll numb the area so you feel no pain. Then, he will access the pulp chamber. He will then remove the infected pulp from the tooth and clean the inside thoroughly to disinfect it. He fills it with a rubberized material that will help keep the tooth safe from future infections. Finally, he’ll put a temporary seal on the tooth that will later be replaced with a permanent crown at a future visit.