Porcelain Crowns in Utica, MI

Porcelain crowns are a much more natural-looking alternative to the old, unattractive metal crowns. With old technology, crowns were made with a metal foundation; many practitioners use them still today. However, with all-porcelain crowns, you can keep your smile with completely natural-looking teeth. With an all-porcelain crown from Dr. Simony, you can have healthy teeth again without sacrificing your good looks. Contact us today to set up an appointment for an examination.

When Do I Need A Porcelain Crown? Utica, MI

If you have teeth that are breaking down, perhaps due to a very old filling that is no longer strong, or to a large area of tooth decay, a new filling may not be strong enough. The problem is that traditional metal crowns are not attractive. However, when Dr. Simony gives you a porcelain crown, it will be very difficult for anyone to notice that you have a crown at all. It will look identical to the rest of your teeth.

Modern Technology Utica, MI

Porcelain crowns are another marvel of modern technology. There was a time when porcelain could not be adhered to the tooth because the bond was not strong enough to withstand everyday use. But with today’s bonding agents, we can build a crown with absolutely no metal at all, giving you a completely natural-looking smile while still maintaining a healthy mouth. Dr. Simony has the knowledge and experience to fit the perfect solution to your exact need. Whether it is an all-porcelain crown, an Empress ceramic crown, or porcelain-fused-to-metal crown, Dr. Simony will match the best solution to your specific clinical situation.