Composite Bonding in Sterling Heights, MI

Composite Bonding In Sterling Heights, MI

Composite bonding is the use of resins or plastics, which are bonded to your existing tooth structure. Very little or none of the original tooth structure is removed in this process. The resin is bonded to your tooth, hardened, and then sculpted and polished to match the shape and color of the rest of your teeth. If you have issues with stained, chipped or cracked front teeth, or gaps between them, composite bonding might be your easiest and fastest way to a bright smile. This non-invasive procedure can be used to improve the color and overall appearance of your teeth.

Instant Smile Makeover Sterling Heights, MI

Most bonding procedures are usually completed in just one visit to Dr. Simony’s office. You can enter the doctor’s office and leave with a brand new smile! While bonding is less durable than other procedures, it is also less expensive. Composite bonds typically last five to 10 years. Crowns, veneers or Lumineers can be alternatives when more permanent solutions are needed. Composite Bonds can be a fast and inexpensive answer to your imperfect smile. Contact Dr. Simony today to set up an appointment to discuss the possibilities that composite bonding holds for you.