Orthodontics in Clinton Township, MI

Orthodontics In Clinton Township, MI

To have a smile that is good for life, your child needs teeth and jaws that are properly aligned. As a parent, you want the very best for your child’s health. Your child’s first exam and cleaning should be no later than three years of age. The American Dental Association recommends that a child’s first Orthodontic evaluation should be no later than seven years of age. By then, your child’s teeth have developed enough to where subtle problems can be spotted with jaw growth and emerging teeth. While orthodontic treatment most often begins between the ages of eight and 14 years of age, most orthodontic problems can be corrected if they are treated early. Dr. Simony will advise you when the ideal time is to begin by evaluating your child at the exam.

When your child is ready, Dr. Simony will start with a procedure called an orthodontic records appointment. The records appointment consists of a cephalometric film, which is an X-ray that shows the head and jaw structure from a profile; a Panoramic X-ray, which is a full view of the entire mouth; and Diagnostic cast models, which are impressions that are taken of the teeth, and they are poured up into stone models. Last, but not least, the doctor will take oral facial photographic images of your child’s teeth and face. These records are the first step in diagnosing your child’s orthodontic treatment. Dr. Simony will analyze and do measurements on the X-rays and models to determine which treatment is best for your child, and how long treatment will be needed.

Signs Your Child’s Bite Is Not Right:

  • Early or late loss of baby teeth.
  • Breathing through the mouth.
  • Crowded, misplaced or blocked-out teeth.
  • Jaws that are too far forward or back.
  • Upper and lower teeth that don’t meet, or meet in an abnormal way.
  • An unbalanced facial appearance.