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MI Paste

MI Paste In Clinton Township, MI

MI Paste MI Paste strengthens your teeth. It can condition, protect and rebuild your tooth surfaces, keeping your smile vibrant for a lifetime. MI Paste and MI Paste Plus work by strengthening your teeth by replenishing calcium and phosphate. RECALDENT (CPP-ACP) releases these vital minerals into your mouth when they’re needed to help produce a saliva-like environment that helps to maintain a normal PH level and healthy teeth.

What Makes It Work?

MI Paste is a one of a kind product. The only dental product with RECALDENT (CPP-ACP), special milk—derived protein that’s a breakthrough in oral health care and completely safe, even if you are lactose intolerant. MI Paste contains 900ppm of sodium fluoride to further promote re-mineralization and protect from the development of cavities.

Who Should Use MI Paste?

  • Those with sensitivity from hot and cold after bleaching or whitening and after a professional cleaning.
  • Orthodontic patients to prevent white spots and re-mineralize existing white spots.
  • Those with dry mouth symptoms caused by medications, chemotherapy or head/neck radiation.
  • Those with hormonal imbalances like menopause.

Benefits From Using MI Paste:

  • Stronger, healthier teeth.
  • Less chance of cavities.
  • Whitening that gives a longer-lasting, instantaneous gloss.
  • Greater oral soft-tissue comfort.
  • Buffer high oral acid levels from soft drinks or alcoholic beverages.